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Why Niobay (test)

Maintaining a tradition of excellence through world-class assets

Niobay Metals Inc., formerly MDN Inc., is a Canadian mineral exploration company that is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV: NBY). It is developing the James Bay Niobium project, a world-class niobium deposit located in the James Bay region in Ontario, Canada. The company has 100% of the ownership rights to the project. Niobay believes that the James Bay Niobium project, one of the most promising Niobium developments in the world, will be a catalyst for the company’s growth in the niobium market.

In addition, Niobay Metals is also a majority owner of the Crevier Project, a niobium and tantalum property North-West of the Niobec mine in Quebec, Canada. Niobium and tantalum are both used in high technology areas that have experienced strong growth in recent years. Since their sources of supply are limited across the globe, the American government and the European Union have placed these on their list of critical commodities.

Niobay’s primary focus is the development of Green Critical Metals. Niobium, one of these critical metals, is known for its applications in the steel industry such as strengthening high-strength-low-alloy steels, weldability, flexibility, and toughness. Moreover, the development of its other characteristics such as its conductivity and capacity to refine aluminium grain is increasing its possible applications in electric vehicles and vehicle parts, thus leading to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Niobay Metals also has interest in the exploration property of Base Metals & Gold. The company has an option to acquire a majority ownership and is partnered with Midland Exploration for the exploration of Gold in the region of La Peltrie, Quebec. It also has a joint venture with SOQUEM for the Clairy, Lac Shortt/Lesperance, Le Tac, and Lac des Meloizes properties which are located throughout the province of Quebec.

Niobay Metals going forward

Efforts over the next years will turn to the development of the James Bay Niobium project. It is a world-class project and could allow Niobay to be among the four Niobium producers in the world. The development of the project should contribute to the creation of value for the shareholders.

Claude Dufresne, P. Eng.
President and CEO