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NioBay in the Media

At the Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference, hosted by the NY Chapter of the SME, Michael Fox is joined by Jean-Sébastien David, President and CEO of NioBay Metals, to discuss the findings from the re-examination of historic cores on the Foothills Project.

In this interview on The Deep Dive YouTube channel, Jean-Sébastien David, CEO of NioBay Metals, discusses his main projects: the James Bay niobium project in Ontario, the Crevier project in Quebec, aimed at the battery market, and his latest acquisition, named Foothills.

In the video, Jean-Sébastien discusses his passion for niobium, a rare and precious resource that has yet to be exploited, but for which demand is growing. This resource is useful in many everyday compounds, including batteries. “The niobium market has come a long way, especially in the last five years, with several major discoveries,” he stated.

He points out that NioBay enjoys a superb collaboration with universities that benefit from government investment funds for research into niobium, which is proving to be an efficient and less costly alternative to other platinum group metals for hydrogen production.

A few months ago, NioBay diversified its portfolio by signing an option agreement to purchase a majority interest in the Foothills site, a phosphate-titanium rich site with very promising high-grade sampling results. Drilling is planned for the near future.

Mr. David anticipates a very busy 2024 for NioBay, with significant advances for his projects!

Jean-Sébastien David, President and CEO of NioBay Metals sits down with The Prospector News’ Michael Fox for an in-depth discussion on our pivotal projects: the James Bay Niobium Project, the Crevier Niobium and Tantalum Project, and the Foothills Phosphate Titanium Project. Learn about the critical role of Niobium in strengthening steel and enhancing battery technology, the strategic importance of Quebec’s ‘Battery Valley’ to our operations, and how we are positioned within the critical metals supply chain.

Go behind the scenes of Resource Talks’ Antonio Atanasov’s exclusive PDAC 2024 interview with our President and CEO, Jean-Sébastien David, on niobium and NioBay’s exciting projects. Keep up to date with the latest developments in the mining sector!