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NioBay, a strong player in the mining industry

NioBay focuses on developing critical and strategic minerals in Canada. These minerals will be crucial to minimize the carbon footprint of transportation among other sectors. Developing mining projects in Canada represents a solid opportunity to collect high-grade minerals, while ensuring strong environmental and social practices.

Currently, NioBay is working on two projects: Crevier, in the province of Québec (Canada), and James Bay, in the province of Ontario (Canada). The main mineral found is niobium, but other interesting minerals are still being found. Two projects are also in the exploration phase: Gouin in Quebec (Canada) and Valentine in Ontario (Canada). We also added, in 2023, a land package to explore for Lithium (another critical mineral for Canada). This land package represents over 250 mining claims for 14 116 ha is located North of the Crevier Project.

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