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Community relations

Maintaining positive relationships with all our communities and stakeholders.

Community Impact

NioBay fosters an inclusive approach when it comes to community relations. A main pilar of our projects is to develop them in a way that promotes information, dialogue and respect. In this context, NioBay has been working with several communities on its two main projects, Crevier (Québec) and James Bay (Ontario).

We care about :

The People

NioBay recognizes the essential role played by local communities and First Nations in its mining operations. The team commitment is genuine and strong, and prioritizes their safety, health, and well-being.


NioBay understands the importance of preserving the unique cultural heritage of local communities and First Nations. The company works in collaboration with them and ensures that operations are aligned with their values and traditions.

The Environment

Environmental responsibility is a priority for mining operations. NioBay works closely with experts to develop responsible mining practices and minimize the environmental impact.

Your Requests

NioBay values the input of local communities and First Nations. All feedback is welcome, whether from stakeholders, local communities, government, or industry peers. Write to us at

Crevier (Québec)

In February 2023, NioBay Metals Inc. signed a collaboration agreement with the Pekuakamiulnuatsh Takuhikan, kicking off advanced exploration and development of the Crevier project. The entire team is proud of this partnership, which reflects a shared commitment to creating a positive impact and fostering sustainable growth in the region. 

To maintain transparency and inclusiveness, NioBay has forged close ties with the neighbouring municipality of Girardville. To keep citizens informed, a letter of intent was sent to the community. This provided an overview of activities, objectives, and promising results to date. At NioBay, open dialogue is the order of the day, and the team is committed to maintaining communications throughout the Crevier project’s evolution. 

In June and July 2022, NioBay collected surface rock samples on claims south of Lac à la Truite. Its commitment to responsible exploration led to a 10-hole, 4,000-metre drilling campaign from September to November. As a follow-up to the final drilling of 2022, a drilling campaign of over 2,700 m was carried out in August and September 2023. The results will be used to deepen our understanding of the area’s geological landscape. The type of mineralization sought in this sector is niobium and tantalum, two metals on Canada’s list of critical metals.

James Bay (Ontario)

NioBay is strongly committed to responsible development of all its projects, including James Bay. A Protection Agreement between the company and the Moose Cree First Nation (MCFN), signed in December 2021, aims to create a framework that not only protects the environment, but also ensures that the MCFN and surrounding communities are involved and receive their fair share of the benefits that will be generated by the project.

The agreement underscores the importance of maintaining active discussions with MCFN so that NioBay can ensure that the community’s interests are protected throughout the evolution of the James Bay project. 

NioBay holds a mining lease valid until 2028. The project is located 42 km south of Moosonee.