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About us

NioBay Metals (TSXV: NBY; OTCQB: NBYCF), previously known as MDN, is a Canadian mineral exploration company that was founded in the 1950s by hockey legend Serge Savard’s father, Laurent Savard, in Quebec’s Abitibi region. Today, NioBay’s management team offers a diversified set of expertise in Critical and Strategic Minerals with an emphasis on Niobium.

NioBay plans to capitalize on a variety of projects, in both Quebec and in Ontario, while conducting Research & Development through partnerships with several universities.


A Critical and Strategic Mineral

NioBay is focused on the development of green critical minerals such as niobium, which is used primarily in the steel industry and fortifies high-strength-low-alloy steels. It also improves steel’s malleability, flexibility, and toughness. It can contribute to the construction of electric vehicles, lowering carbon emissions worldwide.

NioBay’s mission

Green Metals

NioBay’s mission is to be the leading green niobium oxide and tantalum producers in Canada, prioritizing Environment, governance, safety, and indigenous engagement. NioBay integrates community involvement, environmental sustainability, and advanced tech to minimize our carbon and land impact. The company forges a future where responsible mining and access to critical minerals enriches us all and preserves our planet.

NioBay’s vision

NioBay is at the forefront of a transformative era where critical minerals, like niobium, power the electrification of vehicles as well as the hydrogen and renewable energy sectors. This future is rooted in responsible mining practices, honouring its commitment to environmental preservation and its meaningful partnership with local and Indigenous communities to create a more sustainable future for us all.

NioBay values

Inclusion: At NioBay Metals, wealth of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences is cherished, within the team and local communities. Commitment to inclusion means actively engaging with local and Indigenous communities in every project, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but actively shape decisions and actions.


Transparency: It builds trust, enabling informed decisions, inspire confidence, and strengthen relationships with employees, partners, investors and the public. NioBay is committed to maintaining open, honest, and clear communication with its stakeholders. Its commitment to transparency extends to its mining processes, ensuring that its operations are conducted with full accountability, from exploration to production.


Environmental Best Practice: NioBay is firm in its commitment to implementing and continuously improving environmental best practices throughout every stage of its operations. NioBay prioritizes responsible resource management, striving to minimize the ecological footprint at every step. Its commitment to sustainability extends beyond compliance, as it actively seeks innovative solutions to further reduce its environmental impact. Moreover, it compensates the carbon footprint for its work, i.e., GHG emissions, by making a contribution to Carbone Boréal, which ensures the planting of trees in the province of Quebec.