Health, Security & Environment

Sustainable Development Strategy

Niobay Metals’ goal is to discover and develop economically-viable mineral resources. Because orebodies are relatively rare and tend to occur far from population centres, exploration and development present various operational challenges. In addition, we must take care to minimize the environmental impact of our work and safeguard the health and safety of our employees, who often work in difficult conditions. We must also always interact with host communities to ensure that our work does not compromise their values.

Niobay Metals has developed a sustainable development policy that reflects its values. The Company undertakes to review its sustainable development policy every five years and to measure its progress using clear indicators.


  • Do everything we can to minimize our environmental impact when carrying out exploration.
  • Assure responsible, ethical stewardship in order to preserve the natural environment for present and future generations.
  • Acquire the scientific knowledge and technologies that support continuous improvement of our environmental processes.

Community Relations

  • Establish sustainable partnerships with the communities associated with our projects based on human rights, respect for human dignity and mutual trust, in order to achieve our common goals and build shared commitment.
  • Support local initiatives to improve quality of life, education and cultural heritage.
  • Foster transparency and communication with communities through information meetings, visits and correspondence.



The e3 Plus best practices framework was developed by The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).  It is specifically designed for mining exploration companies who are concerned about their health and safety, social and environmental performance. Niobay Metals Inc. is an ardent supporter of e3 Plus. The Company adheres to the codes of ethics contained in the three toolkits, which shed light on the attitude to adopt and actions to take with respect to the environment, community relations and health and safety. All Niobay Metals Inc. employees, without exception, must adhere to and apply these codes of conduct.