James Bay Niobium Project - Community relations

Who we are

A Canadian mineral exploration company that is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV: NBY), Niobay Metals (formerly MDN) was founded in the 50s by hockey legend Serge Savard’s father, Laurent Savard, in Québec’s Abitibi region. Today, NioBay’s management team has extensive experience in Niobium, a Critical Mineral for sustainable development.

 Our Project

Niobay is working on a Niobium project in the James Bay region of Northern Ontario. Currently, the project is at its exploration phase, which means that a drill program needs to be done to assess its feasibility. If the result is positive, we will look to see if we can bring the project to the next step, only once we receive the MFCN’s consent.


Our vision

  • To develop one of the most promising Niobium developments in the world.
  • To create green jobs, and green economic activity for the region.
  • To contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by providing Niobium, a safe and efficient mineral used in advanced materials for electric vehicles batteries.


The James Bay property is located east of the Township of Carroll in the district of Cochrane, on the Moose Cree First Nation Traditional Territory, 45 km south of Moosonee, in the James Bay Lowlands. It is also 5 km due south from Moose Factory and completely outside the French River watershed as it is about 8 km east of the French River watershed.


  • 1966
    • Discovery of the James Bay property by Consolidated Morrison Explorations
  • 1968 & 1969
    • Major exploration work carried out – including about 14,600 metres of drilling in 85 holes
    • Found a deposit extending 275 metres in depth and 500 metres longitudinally
  • 1969
    • Lakefield Research (now SGS Lakefield) carried out metallurgical tests, allowing for the development of a flow sheet for the niobium ore, to produce a niobium concentrate grading of about 65% pyrochlore (Nb2O5).
    • The overall niobium recovery was 78% during the pilot tests which is by far the higher niobium recovery for this type of niobium deposit.
  • 1969
    • A historical feasibility study was completed by Canadian Bechtel Ltd.
  • 1979
    • Feasibility study updated by Canadian Bechtel Ltd.
  • December 2019
    • Niobay Metals signs a Protection Agreement (PA) with Moose Cree First Nation (MCFN)
    • The PA supports the Company’s early exploration and reflects the shared commitment to environmental protection.
    • The PA acknowledges that the exploration is undertaken on MCFN homeland and that the work will not impact MCFN members.

Several studies dealing with specific aspects of the project were carried out between 1969 and 1979 by independent firms or companies for evaluation purposes, with a view to possible partnerships or acquisitions. At that time niobium price was a fraction of where it is today.

Our pledge to the community

Niobay is committed to:

  • Respecting the Moose Cree Homelands and its traditions, culture, environment, and water.
  • Creating economic benefits for all as well as adding new resources for the cultural, traditional, and environmental activities and programs of the Moose Cree members.
  • Working collaboratively with the Moose Cree community.


Working with the Moose Cree community

The Moose Creek First Nation (MCFN) and NioBay have a Protection Agreement (PA) in place that provides for transparent communication and reflects the shared commitment to environmental protection.

NioBay is committed to continuing discussions with MCFN on whether the PA goes far enough to reassure the MCFN membership that their interests will be protected as the James Bay project proceeds. If so, a new agreement would be developed with the community to receive its consent.

Niobay plans to work with communities who have acknowledged indigenous rights within the area of the project to mitigate potential impacts and provide a share of the potential benefits the project will create.

Our pledge to the environment

Niobay will do everything we can to minimize our environmental impact when carrying out exploration. We will assure responsible, ethical stewardship to preserve the natural environment for present and future generations.

Respect for the environment

During the exploration campaign, NioBay is committed to implementing the cleanest best practice procedures possible such as:

  • Using biodegradable drilling additives/lubricants along with absorbent pads under all potential drip spots and drip pans under all tanks, reservoirs, drums, etc.
  • Recovering drilling mud and disposing of it at the Moosonee dump on top of recirculating and reusing the drilling water.
  • Ensuring the removal of all material and equipment used for the drilling and the removal of debris.

All this will be monitored by MCFN representatives.


Niobay’s primary focus is the development of Green Critical Metals

Niobium mined right here in Ontario can play an important role in several economic sectors important to Ontario’s economy such as the steel industry, the auto industry, namely electric vehicles, and parts along with helping Ontario and Canada reach its environment goals.

The development of its characteristics such as its conductivity and capacity to refine aluminium grain is increasing its possible applications in electric vehicles and vehicle parts, thus leading to the reduction of carbon emissions. All while ensuring best practices to protect the environment along with the surrounding lands and water.

Stay informed!

Niobay Metals is constantly working to provide information about the James Bay Project to the Moose Cree community and local population.

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Latest news

We are aware that community members want to be informed of the facts to allow the Community to decide on the Project. Below, you will find an updated list of all the information provided.

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