Samaqua Project


100% owned by Niobay Metals Inc.



The center of the property lies approximately 40 kms north of the town of Girardville in the Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec, Canada. Just to the South-East of the Crevier Nb-Ta deposit.



The property consists of 175 contiguous claims totalling 9823 ha.


Geology and mineralization

The property occurs in the Grenville geological province.  According to the regional geological map published by the Quebec government, the northern part of the property is underlain by migmatite and granitic rocks, including pegmatite, whereas the southern part is composed largely of coarse-grained porphyritic mangerite, an intrusive rock of intermediate composition typically found in metamorphic terranes of Proterozoic age like the Grenville.


Exploration program

During the summer of 2014, the Company announced an exploration program on the property. Work consisted of a helicopter-borne geophysical survey, an induced polarization ground survey and a drilling campaign. The objective of the program was to determine the presence of a mineralized carbonatite or alkaline system that could have the potential to host a niobium and tantalum mineralization.

The geology intersected by drilling confirms the validity of the results of the previous interpretation, which is to have a circular shape alkaline system. However, the results did not justify continuing the exploration work, mainly because of the very low grades of niobium and other metals of interest.